The body keeps a Physical Memory of all your Experiences.



Grief Bodywork

It is commonly understood that unresolved grief is stored in the mind in the form of memories. (Remember, grief isn’t exclusive to death and unresolved negative feelings such as forgiveness, fear, and anger are rooted in grief.) However, the physical body also stores an expression of grief in the form of tension, blocked circulation and energy flow.

Using a variety of different modalities, Grief Bodywork is the process of untangling the physiological imprint contained within the muscles, organs and cellular body. GBW offers the physical body the opportunity to drop the heavy load resulting in complete relaxation. Best used in conjunction with the Grief Recovery Program, the procedure may be used alone as well.

Dr. Max Gerson is spot on when he said, ” Successful therapy requires harmony of the physical and psychological functions in order to achieve restoration in its entirety.” To often we assume the affects of grief reside only in the emotional body and forget the physical body, grief body work addresses this.




Other Stress Relief Modalities

thai – shiatsu – acupressure massage

Each session is customized to your needs: fully-clothed (exercise attire) or undressed, draped with sheets. Using the power of stretch and applied pressure, each style works with the meridians, the energy points that are associated with specific organs of the body and brings forth the same result, yet in different ways.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a concentration on specific areas of tension and/or chronic pain. Through addressing the sub-layer of muscles and fascia along with stretching, knots are broken down. The result – beyond stress and pain relief – is improved circulation, increased range of movement, and decreased inflammation.



When Was the Last Time You Treated Your Body Good?