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As a Massage Therapist I understand the importance of releasing grief that is
contained in the muscles, organs, and cellular memory of our bodies.


Grief BodyworkGrief Bodywork

I practice grief bodywork to help individuals untangle the grief that is stuck in the body.

In a grief bodywork session you would wear comfortable flexible clothing like exercise wear (no jeans or heavy fabrics) and relax on a massage table.

As you connect with your breath through your Hara, your center, I will help you reconnect and rebalance the central nervous system. I will work your meridians to support your organs, open your heart, and relinquish the grief that is trapped in your body.


The Result

The result is complete relaxation.

Grief bodywork will assist you to feel rebalanced, free and whole possibly for the first time since your grief began. It will help you to finally drop that heavy load, and connect yourself, body and spirit.

Grief bodywork is a procedure that can be used in combination with the Grief Recovery Program (most effective) or used alone.

Other Stress/Grief Modalities that I Offer


Massage TherapyDeep Tissue Massage Therapy

Is helpful for reducing knots in the muscles, and for addressing specific areas of tension, and or concern. Combine this with stretching and the result is stress relief, increased flexibility, and relaxation.


Thai – Shiatsu – Acupressure Massage

All involve working the meridians, or energy pathways, that are associated with the organs of the body. I will stretch the body and use my hands to apply pressure to the meridians.

Massage TherapySome of the benefits are increased joint mobilization and flexibility. It improves blood circulation and tonifies your organs. It relieves muscular and emotional tension. It clears toxins from the body. If you like yoga then this is the method for you.

Whatever method you choose, please know that by inviting open communication and feedback, I will customize each session to meet the needs of my clients.

I allow for a full hour, or more to work with you one on one. I pull from my experience and knowledge to assist you in your healing.

I love helping people return to wholeness. If what you need is out of the scope of my practice, I will find someone to help you.

Also available for chair massage.


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Package deals available.